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Details of daily average production that you expect from CANNON ROTARY RACK OVEN at your peak season
Sr. No. Name of the Product Qty. in Nos. per day Size of Finished product Present Baking Time (mins)
WxL-mm Dia - mm Ht. - mm
e.g. Open Top Bread (400 gms) 2000 70 x 90 - 100 30
e.g.    Nankhatai 5000 - 40 20 15

a) Are you setting a new venture or modernising the old setup? * New      Modernising. *
b) If Modernising, how many and which ovens do you have? Wood Fried      Nos
Electric Deck    Nos
Rack Oven       Nos
  any other type
c) How many workers do you employ for production?    Nos
d) How big is your working space?    Sq Mtr
e) Do you have a separate oven room? YesNo.  Sq Mtr
f) If No is it included in (d)? YesNo.
g) Does your bakery have smooth tiled surface? YesNo.
h) On which floor do you intend to install the new oven?    Floor
i) How tall is the ceiling at the installation site? *    Mtr. *
j) How big is the opening to take the oven inside your working area?    mm Wide
   mm Height

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