Cannon Rotary Rack Oven

Most of the top Indian bakers depend on cannon rotary rack ovens to tackle marathon baking.


Racks with trays fixed at varied distances enhance baking efficiency. Facilitating bulk-baking of a wide variety of baked foods.

Products baked in Cannon come out uniformly brown all over, as a result of the rotary principle. Excellent insulation, heat reflecting glass door and fan-controlled hot air, ensure uniform heat distribution throughout the baking chamber.

Cannon is adjustable upto 3500C. Electronic digital temperature display ensures precise temperature control. Built-in heat banks maintain heat when the oven door is open. Keeping recovery time short. From cold to 2500C in just 20 minutes.

Cannon's automatic steaming ensures better crust formation. Steaming time is regulated by a pre-set timer.

The over pressure damper in the Cannon Oven prevents build-up of pressure within the baking chamber.


Cannon is easy to use. The pictorial control panel simplifies baking operation The electronic timer prevents mistakes in operation. Once temperature has been pre-set, and the loaded rack wheeled in, the oven takes over.

The rust-proof, stainless steel body and baking chamber are easy to keep clean and well-maintained. Spares are easily available. And are fitted by Cannon's maintenance team.

The Cannon versatility extends beyond baking. You can even fry, sauté, roast or grill in the Cannon Rotary Rack oven.

Cannon is as sound as any imported rack oven. Yet it cost 90% less.

Against manufacturing defects. During this period customers also get six free servicings.

Cannon makes non-standard accessories such as racks and trays to suit individual requirements.

There is no fear of smell of fuel (oil) transferring into products due to indirect firing system. No smoke/burnt gases come in contact with products being baked.

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Series 53

2805 mm

1866 mm

2562 mm

Series 52

2757 mm

1575 mm

2115 mm

Series 50

2300 mm

1450 mm

1700 mm

* Dimensions listed above are subject to change as a result of on-going Research & Development.

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